marți, 6 aprilie 2010

Questions regarding life

Well, as you all know we tend to live and not think of death in many of our days. It's a great thing because we are more aware of living than the terminus that expects us all.

These days I started thinking more about life and death, although it appears that not a day goes by without these sort of thought. Anyway in the life category of thoughts are some questions which I would like to address you.

1. Why do they say that when you have flatulence you weigh more? Isn't gas suppose to make you lighter?
I'm still trying to find this out so if you come by a relevant article or piece of information let me know.

2. Why do we all assume that we will live a long healthy life, and forget that we might have to endure a long death(for example suffering from a debilitating disease)?
A possible answer for this might be the optimism we have regarding life, that it won't happen to us, and I believe that the reasoning might use the same principle that we apply everyday: not thinking about our ephemera nature and instead we choose an illusion as if we are suppose to live indefinitely.

Other questions might arise and I will pose them then.

If you have theories, hypothesis or anything related to this topic let me know.

2 comentarii:

  1. 1. It's a joke, right? It is, isn't it?

    2. It probably will not help and I will be smacked in the face with the exception label, but here it goes.

    Many times when I wake up with my arms around my husband I start thinking about the fact that at some point we will die. And what hurts the most is not the fact that our lives will end, but the fact that it is unlikely for these two lives to end peacefully at the same time. So I hug him a little tighter or take a little longer before getting out of bed - just to have more time to feel his warmth, to breath in his sweet smell, to listen to his breath or look at the gentle way his skin folds between the head and the back of his ears.

    Sometimes I look at the ceiling and the thought goes through my mind that we are such fragile creatures. All it takes is one little earthquake... And then, your lucky if you die fast - otherwise... the broken bones and muscles, the mind colapsing in panic... or worse... seeing loved ones suffering.

    Sometimes when I see old and not exactly healthy people barely walking, I start thinking "that could be me one day" and I start to wonder how I will or will not get used to the pain - actually, several types of pain - and the diminishing freedom.

    I am not a pesimist, yet I often get caught in contemplating the frailty of the body - so many things that can go wrong for so many reasons. And then I see that this complicated little machine still works well and hard and helps me enjoy so many things and then my heart swells up in joy.

    Maybe not many of us think about death or at least not that often. But the issue might be that the majority of it do not reflect such thoughts in their actions and that is sad. I say it is sad because I think this makes people cruel.

  2. Indeed disregarding the human body and the machinery that keeps us alive is a bit sad. But Mr. Freud could say it's the Thanatos force that drives those who disregard to self destruction.

    I often think of death and what it might mean for me that life would stop. Then I know for sure you won't get any second chances on anything, no redeeming for things you wish you could have changed. That makes me sometimes aware of the things I wish to redeem myself for and to be more attentive to people, in order not to harm them with words or actions.

    Seeing my grandparents as those people with crippled health I know that not all can enjoy a full old age, but at least I can see what I can look for when I'm going to be old- from the genetic perspective(if I'll make it until then).

    Like all fragile things life and full health are difficult to asses every time but we can do that easily sometimes when we stumble on minor obstacles like a cold, an allergic reaction, a bruise etc.

    Thank you Silvana for your input on this.