sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2011

Sweet Company

An enigmatic title about an ethereal person…

The story of how a Columbian journalist finds herself entangled in a story about angels and the faith and cult that others create in devotion to this idea. It seems once more that the unnatural and supernatural appears only to those open to that idea and which seek ailment from it. In this case an angel appears in a poor neighborhood outside Bogota.

Stricken by the agitation and the need to make an article the journalist goes and is mesmerized by the young and beautiful boy thought to be an angel. At first she discover a hermetic and mysterious world of beliefs, but as she digs deeper she finds only a story of human survival through harsh conditions.

The result of fascination and the love that begins to appear for the angel contribute to creating a coherent story of love and in the same time one that tells of the mysteries of human nature: from its ability to appear a demon and an angel to its harsh reality of a militarized country and a though living.

It was a beautiful encounter to a world only seen through the news of the television and a small introduction to the need for beliefs in supernatural agents.