luni, 26 aprilie 2010

The Philosopher's Diet - How to Lose Weight and Change the World

I came across this book when I was feeling very sad and decided to buy it because it seemed like an interesting subject. Now that I have finished reading it I can only take a time and enjoy the great pleasure it has provided me.

Richard Watson takes on food and on the image people tend to make regarding their body. In a drastic move, he challenges beliefs about body image and what it means to be beautiful for each and every one of us. From this point everything starts to unfold.

We are presented with a new way of seeing life, which is basically to try and do what makes us feel good, without harming anyone. The point is to try to stick to a program(if we choose so) and to be in complete control over your life. It is worth being in control.

Although I don't have experience in life, and in life's matters, the arguments sounded convincing. After all I want to take my fate into my own hands and to put my mark on my life. I must confess, I do not want to lose 9 kilograms, like the author suggests in order to be sure that we are dedicated to ourselves and to our decisions,but I do feel like I could be in control of what I choose to eat, and by doing that to change the world.

Maybe you will find the book and the message convincing, maybe not, nonetheless it is a very stimulating reading.

Have a tasty meal!

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  1. I'll try to "sink my teeth" into a mental diet of my own and report back to you to let you know how it goes! I asked people about their own successful recipies for true happiness particularly because I was trying to figgure out what to put on my mental diet.