vineri, 25 martie 2011

Cloud Atlas

When you see the title you start projecting things regarding the book… It’s not a bad thing to do, as the book tells the story of different generations, different times an yet they all are intertwined in a beautiful, whole narration, that makes you think more about your values.

Would you be able to save someone from slavery? Would you be able to save yourself? Could you pursue the truth with the cost of your life? Would you realize that your life is not perfect? Or would you have the courage to speak your mind? These are some of the question that arises from reading the book. Its characters are divided into stories that take place at different times in somewhat different locations.

One can feel a thread throughout the book. It’s the thread which puts the characters into relations to one another, and that thread seems to be the essence of humanity, the building block of moral values, the thing that sets apart good from evil. Finding the thread in your own life and thoughts is easy, because you are to choose from a variety of characters that depict several periods of a life. You not only seem to transcend into different times, but you are left with the longing to return…

A great book to read indeed, astonishing in its narration and real in its dialogues. Truly it is set to make an influence, and has made an influence on me.

miercuri, 16 martie 2011

Flow. The psychology of optimal experience

I have finally read this book. I've heard about it and was curios of the perspective presented in it. I must confess I'm pleased and contempt with what I have found out. Some of the results from research confirm some of my personal beliefs and ruminations, while others provide new ground for philosophical discussions with friends and loved ones. It was the book that marked the arrival of spring for me (for my mind and body).

Because it sums up the result of qualitative and quantitative research it might at first glance sound like a book intended to change everything you know. After a close reading the book opens one of the most fundamental subjects that any human being addresses during her/his lifetime: How can I be happy? How can I live a meaningful life?

The realization and answer must come only after close consideration of purposes, goals and important things in life (including experiences). Only when we invest a little time to figure out what is important for us and what we want to be and be defined of, we will be sure to make the decisions which will takes us close to our optimal experience and ultimately to a life of meaning and accomplishment.

I think it is empowering to find out what things and experiences make other humans feel happy or optimal about their action and life. The huge diversity of examples gives any mortal hope that she or he will find out (if she/he is willing to search within herself/himself) what must or can do to take their lives seriously and on a new level of awareness and happiness.

I took my time enjoying it, but as with all great books it’s purpose is to stir things inside you and then to challenge you to see the importance and relevance of your own decision and to help you keep in mind that order in the mind is the thing that keeps us strong.

May the force(perseverance and order in mind) be with you!