marți, 7 august 2012

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

One of the few writers that can convey such moments of pure transcendental awareness that you are left feeling utterly amazed. It has helped me realize that some problems are bigger than others (mainly how I would feel about the subject of Earth being what it is and therefore here, not demolished).
I read the entire trilogy and found it refreshing and delightful. The first book is about discovery and the rest of them are about being completely and continuously perplexed at the things that are in the Galaxy. Ford Prefect (one of my literary models) acts so nonchalantly in just about everything and manages to get Arthur Dent in all sorts of adventures throughout the Galaxy. Trillian and Zaphod only add to the rich context of stories that engulfs your imagination whilst at the same time enhancing your creativity.

Threading through the book, big questions like “how”, “why” and “where” receive different answers which fail to provide a sense of knowing, let alone comfort or cognitive stability. The only way to take the book and its characters is just to read it and enjoy it for what it is. I did that and at the end of the last book, “Mostly Harmless” I felt that something beautiful was laid in front of me and now it was fully unraveled and that I’m not capable of thinking like that on daily basis. I sure know I’ll try. The book has helped through some serious life events and provided me the opportunity to change perspectives and therefore to grow in an exponential manner in which I did not think I was capable of.

The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had become one of my favorite books so far and the style of the author, Douglas Adams, charmed me and made me longing for more.

I warmly recommend it to anyone who feels at time life is just too much. Take a ride in the Total Perspective Vortex, imagine a multitude of parallel universes in which Earth and its inhabitants live and you will end up feeling a lot more at ease with whatever you have to deal with.