duminică, 1 mai 2011

The lottery ticket / The Lighthouse at the end of the world

Jules Verne account of two different fictional stories was a delightful way to take a journey into different times and places.

The first, The lottery ticket is set in Norway and it has as characters a family who owns a bed and breakfast and is struck by a tragedy: their beloved cousin Ole Kamp has delayed his return from a fishing expedition in Newfoundland, America. His cousins, Joel and Hulda(future bride) are deeply saddened by this and with the help of Sylvius Hog, whom they rescued from falling into a waterfall, they manage to reunite with Ole. Sylvius Hog manages to help the family in many ways, as he offers material and spiritual support and guidance. In the end all turns out fine and the joys of life seem to enter into the story like the ending of a fairy tale.

The lighthouse at the end of the world is more adventurous as it has pirates and brave shipmen as main characters. The tale is entrapping and provides good reading and entertainment and of course is set to have a somehow happy, or should I say, morally and socially correct ending: the evil is being punished for its bad deeds.

I really enjoyed reading these stories and I believe that many more will follow. I haven’t read Jules Verne when I was little or when growing up so in a way I’m helping with the formation of my fictional sense of traveling.

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