vineri, 30 iulie 2010

The Life as a Prey

Marin Preda's journey into becoming a great romanian writer couldn't be any more vivid that it is presented in this novel. Maybe the author didn't want to write it as a novel, but the way in which the character evolves and grows reminds anyone who reads it of a bildungsroman.

It was a revelation to read of a writer which seemed in his youth more fascinated by the bits of reality heard or lived, than by the radical social and political movements happening in his days. Maybe that's what saved his style, the style of a romanian literary Picasso, that can take bits and pieces of reality to create and explain a purpose for some actions, a mobil for the thoughts of his characters.

"For a young writer life is like a prey and you need to know where to attack it from." Perhaps my translation fails to encompass the meaning but it portrays a reality that not only artists have to encompass(the first bite, attack of life) but we all, anyone who wishes to accomplish something in her/his life.

Setting my sight on my prey, I choose to try and see which attack,or bite, will open the route to my dreams...

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